The Detroit Experiment “The Detroit Experiment”

The Detroit Experiment is shelved in jazz.

I don’t really like “jazz”.

I downloaded “Bitches’ Brew” because I liked the cover

That being said, you throw some lightly syncopated
dirty bass or just a bit of a rim shot (hey diggy
diggy) on almost anything and my head will be bobbing,

And The Detroit Experiment is one of those albums,
like the Mushroom Jazz series, that you throw on at a
dinner party to have some ambient tunes that everyone
can ignore and then much to your chagrin every track
that comes on people are like “who is this?”

Good stuff. Buy it. It’ll get you laid.

To listen:

And you can get it on iTunes.

The Danielle

P.S. If you decide to check out the Philadelphia
Experiment, the predecessor to this album, let me know
how it is. -d


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