Maldroid “Malfunction EP”

Does a spazzy front man, a couple entertaining videos, and several shout-out choruses make a recipe for the Next Big Thing?

I make chili not chart topping supergroups, but I can tell you that since I saw them play at Slim’s two weeks ago their EP has been on repeat in my brain (to the exclusion of all other music) and out my mouth (to the detriment of my personal relationships).

This seven piece matching suits and ascot wearing Oakland outfit includes a keytarist and some dude sitting on a chair fiddling with knobs in addition to the standard five piece rock band. They’ve only released a five track EP and aren’t signed to a major label yet, but they’ve already been on national TV and the video for “Heck, No (I’ll Never Listen To Techno)” won some kind of YouTube award. Why didn’t I ever think of doing stop motion animation with a lite-brite? Brilliant.

Listen To or Purchase their music on their MySpace page

Sounds like: The Stooges with a healthy dose of LCD Soundsystem and The Kinks and a pinch or two of Fischerspooner

Doesn’t sound like: 50 Cent, Johnny Cash, ABBA, Justin Timberlake, Tiesto

The Danielle


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