Ida Maria “Fortress ‘Round My Heart”

“Been A long time, I shouldn’t have left you, without a dope beat to step to.”

I’m not going to tell you to start bumping Aaliyah, don’t worry.  Though anything produced by Timbaland is worth a listen.  Sometimes only one listen, true.

I’ve spent the last 2 weeks downloading and listening to one album from every artist that played at Coachella 2009 (being fun-employed has it’s perks) and Ida Maria’s “Fortress ‘Round My Heart” is the first standout LP.  The Bloody Beetroots have my heart for Best Artist Coachella 2009, but they don’t have a full length out until next month, so ya’ll get to hear about Ida Maria today.

In the best punk rock fashion, “Fortress ‘Round My Heart” clocks in at just over 30 minutes long with 10 tracks, three minutes each.  Unlike standard pop punk fare however, Ida Maria’s band has a volume and tempo oscillation similar to Mogwai or Interpol that prevents the punk rock sound from getting stale.  Throw into that mix a hint of country swagger sincerity, non-boring bass lines, a couple well placed “woah-ohs” and “aye-ayes” and what you’ve got is a highly listenable sing along LP.

Sounds like:  Feist except with good music behind her, Bjork if she were from Austin, if Lucinda Williams and Johnny Rotten got hitched, popped out a few puppies and went on a Finland tour as a latter day Partridge Family.

Disclaimer: If the sound of a mildly whiny female rocker voice gets under your skin (a la Tegan & Sara, Feist, Cat Power etc.), you won’t like this album.  Ida Maria seems to have a bottom that she never quite reaches, I can’t wait to hear her voice after 10 years of swilling Jim Beam and smoking Pall Mall non-filters.

Ida Maria’s Myspace

Ida Maria’s Official Site


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