VAST 4 – an iPodyssey – by Patina Head

VAST 4 – an iPodyssey

by Patina Head

Somehow, I’ve managed to get access to The Danielle’s entire music library.  These are my musings as I navigate the largest and most amazing library of music in the world and go through my day-to-day.  Enjoy!


I was listening to Tool yesterday and thinking about the pain of the white man.  You know?  I mean, why are all the serial killers white men?  I have a theory:  the pain of the white man is discounted.  It’s like that Boondock’s cartoon where the grandpa says to the kid, “Those fancy cars, those naked women, why does that rapper look so angry?  What’s he got to be angry about?”  So, any middle class suburban white dude has nowhere to put his pain.  Everyone else does – or at least has reasons for it (that usually involve the white man).  Hence the overwrought white man angsty music that is, really, pretty unique.  Everyone else’s angsty music has direction, reason, blame.  It has somewhere to go.  It’s as if the white dude is the paper and everyone else is the ink, and how much harder to be the paper?


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