VAST 14 – an iPodyssey – by Patinahead

VAST 14 – an iPodyssey

by Patinahead

Somehow, I’ve managed to get access to The Danielle’s entire music library. These are my musings as I navigate the largest and most amazing collection of music in the world. Enjoy!


I’ve always been skeptical when a debut is dripping with strings.   There shouldn’t be too big a budget on a debut, it shouldn’t be overproduced, it should be stripped down and just the artist in a kind of lean state (um – Drops of Jupiter?).   Strings are pretty risky anyway in rock music – you’re taking the music of rebellion and trying to enhance it sonically with the tools of the master.  Sometimes it works, especially if someone just has a violin or cello as part of their band (The Arcade Fire, Dave Matthews, Geraldine Fibbers), but then there’s the Metallica S&M CD.  Think about the poor piccolo player trying to have some self-respect while tooling along to Master of Puppets.  James H. doesn’t even really sing so there’s no illusion that what they’re playing is “music” in any kind of traditional sense, so why the strings???  It just makes the music bloated and weird and I can’t get the image out of my head of a metal concert with an orchestra busily working away behind them in suits and ties.  It’s horrible.


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