VAST 16 – an iPodyssey – by Patinahead

VAST 16 – an iPodyssey

by Patinahead

Somehow, I’ve managed to get access to The Danielle’s entire music library. These are my musings as I navigate the largest and most amazing collection of music in the world. Enjoy!


The Danielle and I are concurring: songs sound better in shuffle mode.  Why is this??  I’m always amazed how many songs I get in shuffle and I think “yeah, I  love this, let’s listen to the whole album!” and then I do and not only does the album disappoint, but the actual song that got me started in that direction is kind of lame too.  It’s the college radio syndrome – I love being out of control, being surprised, not knowing what to expect.  Shuffle creates an openness that’s totally lacking when I put an album on.  Then I’m responsible – I chose it.  How many things in life are like this and we don’t realize it?

[Editor’s note: The Fratellis came up on shuffle recently, I switched to the whole LP, and I wasn’t disappointed.  Exception proving the rule?]


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