Top Ten 2006

So I got a suggestion from my buddy Gabe (check out
his art @ to do a top 10 of 2006.
It generally takes me more than a year to really warm
up to a record, so it was no easy task to pick 10 that
came out this past year that I can really stand
behind. So rather than have any filler picks, here’s
my top seven albums released in 2006 (in no particular

Zero 7 – “The Garden”
Peaches – “Impeach My Bush”
Various Artists – “Bassbin Twins vs. Marine Parade”
Kid Beyond – “Amplivate”
Harvey Lindo – “Kid Gloves”
Aceyalone ft. RJD2 – “Magnificent City”
Mike Relm – “Radio Fryer”

I was going to put Gnarles Barkley on the list… but
I don’t know… that just seems so… what’s the
word…? cliche…

So to get a nice round number, here’s three 2006
Thank You For Smoking
Friends With Money
Stranger Than Fiction

And I stuck them all on a nice neat Amazon page for
you (except the ones Amazon doesn’t have).

Best Wishes for 2007
The Danielle


Harvey Lindo “Kid Gloves: A Modaji Long Player”

If you took some R&B, disco and soul, made it eat a
handful of mushrooms and wander around West Oakland
for awhile, you’d get Harvey Lindo’s “Kid Gloves: A
Modaji Long Player.”

The downtempo hip hop tracks on this album have a
variety of vocalists and MCs, ranging from the En
Vogue-esque stylings of Phillipa Alexander, to the
conscious raps of Lacks and Roddy Rod and the spoken
word poetry of Kat Johnson.

My favorite is “Miller’s Lattice,” a hypnotically
psychedelic UFO tour through time travel and public
transportation with Tracey Walter’s sampled Repo Man
soliloquies as our guides.

Dominic Jacobson (aka Harvey Lindo) doesn’t have his
own MySpace page, but one of his songs is up here:

Get it on Amazon here:

And you can get it on iTunes.

The Danielle

Kid Beyond “Amplivate”

I just wrote a spectacular, eloquent, excessively
verbose review of Kid Beyond’ “Amplivate” and my
browser crashed. All gone. I’m a little frustrated
and pissed off at losing the review, so I’m not going
to try to rewrite it. So you don’t have me to
convince you that Kid’s music is awesome. How’s that
for the universe trying to tell you something?

I’ll just say this EP is the most amazing thing I’ve
heard in the last month. Hands down.


Neat how-Kid-does-it (a little long) video:

Buy it. It’ll make hot naked women shake their
booties in your living room. Trust me. I know.


DJ Logic “Zen Of Logic”

Comprised of tracks that wouldn’t sound out of place
on a Notorious B.I.G. record (“Smackness”) and tracks
that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Putumayo
compilation (“Something Distant”), DJ Logic has
assembled a groovy downtempo hip hop album infused
with an edgy ultra lounge coolness.

Stand out tracks include the post Katrina New Orleans
ode “9th Ward Blues,” musically capturing the vibe
Fresh Prince told us about in “Summertime” all
anchored in a sample from The Cars’ “Good Times Roll,”
and the mid album booty bouncing “Afro Beat” has
enough organ, horn, didgeridoo (or is that a mouth
harp?), cow bell and well timed scratches to make me
not care what my fellow cubicle whores think about the
way I dance.

And don’t let the densely schizophrenic opening track
“Peace Y’All” put you off the album, think of it as
the thesis statement in a five paragraph essay, rather
than the record’s first single.

The Inevitable MySpace page:

Logic says to buy his album here:

And you can get it on iTunes


The Danielle