The Best of 2007

According to the RIAA there are over 30,000 unique original audio titles produced every year in the United States. At, let’s say, an average forty minutes a release, if one listened to music 24/7 (no sleeping allowed!) it would take more than two years for any individual to listen to everything new that came out in 2007 at least once. And let me also point out that 10 LPs out of 30,000 is only .03% (this is all assuming my math is accurate).

That being said here’s my 10 Top Full Lengths of 2007:

1. Battles “Mirrored”
Battles is so good that I had to stop listening to music for six months because nothing else could compare (well, that and my headphones broke and I started playing WoW). But how to describe “Mirrored”? Third eye squeegeeing, toe curling prog rock? The Teletubbies getting assimilated by the Borg and covering Sepultura? How about The Immutable And Stationary Mathematical Laws of the Universe put in motion?

2. Tegan & Sara “The Con”
Any Tegan & Sara fans out there? Good. Because I’ve got something to say to you. My worst fear was that if I listened to Tegan & Sara, I would become one of you… my dykey faux hawk styled just so, taking 300 mile road trips just to see them perform, only getting front row center tickets, singing along because I know ALL the words to ALL the songs by these latter day (grimace, groan) Indigo Girls. Sooner or later we all become what we hate. As of a month ago, I am officially a Tegan & Sara fan (but shhh, don’t tell anybody).

3. The National “Boxer”
Attention Jarvis Cockerheads: buy this album. While the Jarvis CD is outstanding, notice it didn’t make the top ten cut and The National did. I’ve seen The National compared to Interpol and Joy Division, but I’m totally indifferent to Interpol and Joy Division, so that can’t be right… dammit! Now I have to listen to Interpol and Joy Division again just to be sure.

4. Daft Punk “Alive 2007”
2007 is the year of the French Electronic Music Duo! (Daft Punk, Air, Justice, Cassius, et al.) People in high school used to make fun of me for listening to Daft Punk. Now they’re on the cover of Spin, being sampled by Kayne West and are the best live performers of the year. Vengeance is mine.

5. Burial “Untrue”
If you were Miss Havisham and hung yourself at a rave while peaking on ecstasy and your soul was condemned to haunt the party for all eternity, Burial’s “Untrue” is EXACTLY what the music would sound like.

6. Justice “Cross”
It’s the album with the D.A.N.C.E. song! Yay! Parisian catacomb rave meets the Bosom Buddies theme song.

7. The Fratellis “Costello Music”
Addictive, infectious, bouncy shout out loud pub rock. If, like me, you’re of the opinion that the Arctic Monkeys would be awesome if they’d just take some anti-depressants, get off their pretentious arty high horse and fucking party, try out these guys.

8. Northern State “Can I Keep This Pen?”
Sure, they’re a one trick pony (“License to Ill” goes girl power), but it’s an awfully amusing trick. There are a couple tracks produced by Ad Rock on “Can I keep This Pen?”, their 3rd studio LP.

9. The Bees “Octopus”
Rock & roll, R&B, lounge, country and soul with a side of Tijuana brass from the Isle of Wright. “Octopus” could have as easily come out in 1969 as 2007, and would serve well as an alternative soundtrack to The Big Chill.

10. Peter Bjorn and John “Writer’s Block”
It’s the album with the whistling song! Yay! The other tracks aren’t too shabby either.

Name Check Central (aka Albums That Didn’t Make My Top 10 But Are Still Totally Worth Checking Out):
Air “Pocket Symphony”
Amy Winehouse “Back To Black”
Arctic Monkeys “Favorite Worst Nightmare”
The Beastie Boys “The Mix-Up”
Bright Eyes “Casadega”
Cassius “15 Again”
Jarvis Cocker “Jarvis”
LCD Soundsystem “Sound of Silver”
Modest Mouse “We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank”
Patrick Wolf “The Magic Position”
Polyphonic Spree “Fragile Army”
Simian Mobile Disco “Attack Decay Sustain Release”
Queens of the Stone Age “Era Vulgaris”
Various Artists “Chrome Children Vol. 2”
White Stripes “Icky Thump”

So what’s your top 10? Post ’em dammit!

The Danielle